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Forum Ranks Information
Started by Vex

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01-22-2018, 11:55 PM
We have added a new feature to the forums which assigns each user a posting rank and a donator rank. 

You can find the donator ranks here:

You will be able to upgrade your donator rank for free using credits you acquire from performing various activities on the forums, or from supporting the website with donations.

You can view the credit system here:

Posting ranks will also be assigned after each post count milestone. 

We currently have these posting ranks:

[Image: bronzePoster.png][0] - [249] Posts

[Image: silverPoster.png][250] - [499] 

[Image: goldPoster.png][500] - [999] 

[Image: platPoster.png][1000+]

If you had any suggestions revolving around the whole system or the rank names, please let us know below!

-Pubgforums Staff

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